Krista Pyykönen


Krista Pyykönen works as a com­mu­ni­ty music pe­da­go­gue at Mänt­tä Music Fes­ti­val. She is lea­ding crea­ti­ve par­tici­pa­to­ry music works­hops and interactive concerts for dif­fe­rent local focus groups. In the works­hops, the par­tici­pants are in­vi­ted to im­pro­vi­se and col­lec­ti­ve­ly com­po­se music to­get­her with the musicians. The aim of the pro­ject is to bring music and crea­ti­ve musical col­la­bo­ra­tion clo­se to the people in the com­mu­ni­ty, and thus pro­mo­te cul­tu­ral equa­li­ty.

Kris­ta Pyy­kö­nen (born Decem­ber 27th, 1986 in Hel­sin­ki, Fin­land) gra­dua­ted as Mas­ter of Music Educa­tion in June 2015 at KMH, su­per­vi­sed by Pro­fes­sor Ceci­lia Hult­berg, after finishing her Master of Music-degree in the in­ter­na­tio­nal NAIP- Eu­ro­pean Mas­ter of Music- pro­gram at the Ro­y­al Col­le­ge of Music in Stock­holm (KMH) in 2013. Her mas­ter the­sis was awar­ded the Kers­tin Elias­son-prize of Excel­lent in Mas­ter Re­search at the Ro­y­al Col­le­ge of Music in 2013. Pyy­kö­nen has lec­tu­red on her re­search sub­jects at the Na­tio­nal Ge­ron­to­lo­gy Con­fe­rence of the Uni­ver­si­ty of Hel­sin­ki in 2013, at the Music & De­men­tia-sym­po­sium in Ams­ter­dam, 2014, and at the Swe­dish String Teac­hers’ An­nual Con­ven­tion in Mal­mö, Swe­den, 2015.

Kris­ta has stu­died the clas­sical vio­lin with Mrs. Ceci­lia Zil­liacus, Mrs. Son­ja van Beek and Mr. Bar­tosz Caj­ler, and par­tici­pa­ted in recent years in vio­lin Mas­ter Clas­ses with Mr. Fe­de­rico Agos­ti­ni and Mr. Oli­vier Pons. She gra­dua­ted as Bac­he­lor in Music Educa­tion in 2010 at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, and stu­died at Prince Claus Con­ser­va­toi­re in the Net­her­lands in 2012. She has ex­pe­ri­men­ted on free-to­nal im­pro­vi­sa­tion with Mr. Mic­hael Moo­re and Mr. Anto Pett, and par­tici­pa­ted in the Eu­ro­pean Im­pro­vi­sa­tion Pro­ject in The Ha­gue in 2012. She has later led improvisation courses at Metropolia UAS in 2014-2015. Pyykö­nen has per­for­med in dif­fe­rent en­sembles, for example at the Rencont­res Musica­les de Fi­geac- cham­ber music fes­ti­val in 2008-2010, and recor­ded film sco­res to in­ter­na­tio­nal mo­tion pic­tu­res.

Krista is currently working at Prince Claus Conservartoire in Groningen in the Netherlands as a teacher and a member of the Lifelong Learning in Music- research group. She is doing her PhD research at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna on music as a resource for healthcare workers in elderly care, and continues to per­for­m and lead creative music workshops in the Netherlands next to her academic engagements.