Anne-Mari Pahkala

Anne-Mari Pahkala (b. 1984) is an artist and a designer driven by a strong sense of values. Pahkala specializes in women’s wear designs grounding her work on classical tailoring. Pahkala finds inspiration for her work in the powers of nature as well as her holistic approach to humanity. In Pahkala’s view fashion is first and foremost a way of exploring and interpreting the surrounding reality. Her work balances between fashion and visual, representational costume design. Many performing artists, such as Saara Aalto and Jannika B, have chosen Pahkala as their designer, as well as political figures and private individuals.

Her work has been presented in numerous international art and design exhibitions in Europe and in China. Her unique and luxurious designs are seen annually at the Finnish Presidential Independence Day Reception. In 2016 Pahkala’s design for MP Sofia Vikman (kok.) was chosen as the “Queen of the Ball”. In the spring of 2017 Pahkala was responsible for the entire costume design of Saara Aalto’s “In My Wildest Dreams” show in Hartwall Arena. Eclectic details combined with powerful use of color and contrast are a defining factor in Pahkala’s work. She prefers to work with high quality natural materials but also with recycled materials produced with plastic waste gathered from the oceans.

Pahkala’s skills are an assembly of her studies in a historical atelier in Venice, Italy and her extensive experience in the field. After her long career in visual costume design in television productions she decided to concentrate mainly on her own art.