Ari Helander

Pia­nist Ari He­lan­der (b. 1959) recei­ved his Mas­ter of Music degree at the Si­be­lius Aca­de­my. He works as a lec­tu­rer of pia­no music in the Music Ins­ti­tu­te of Nort­hern Kymi in Kou­vo­la.

For se­ve­ral years, He­lan­der has gi­ven lec­tu­res that com­bi­ne sto­ry, music and pic­tu­re. He is par­ticu­lar­ly in­te­res­ted in the pri­va­te li­ves of com­po­sers and musicians, and in the way they have been influenced by the po­li­tical and social si­tua­tion of their time. He­lan­der has had also many ex­hi­bi­tions with pho­to­graphs and col­la­ges.