Laura Sippola

Laura Sippola (b. 1974) is a pianist and a singer-songwriter. She graduated with a Doctor of Music degree from the Sibelius Academy in 2017. Her doctoral dissertation was on song writing, the first of its kind in Finland. She teaches at the Sibelius Academy and The Critical Academy.

Intermezzo, her seventh album, was released in January 2018. Besides her solo career Sippola composes for other artists, a cappella ensembles and choirs, eg. Ra­jat­on, Club For Fi­ve, Lau­ra Mal­mi­vaa­ra, Jo­han­na Kur­ke­la and Jon­na Jär­ne­fel­t. Her songs can even be found in hymn books.

Sippola works as a composer and a freelance musician and has performed with Tuure Kilpeläinen and Maritta Kuula. Her orchestra Tuki consists of Pe­ter Eng­berg (gtr),Tuu­re Kos­ki (bgtr)  ja Kepa Ket­tu­nen (perc).

Listen to the album Intermezzo here and read more here.