Silja Levander

Silja Levander (1987) graduated in 2016 from the Royal Music Academy of Stockholm as professor Staffan Schejas last master student (so far). During her studies she was awarded scholarships from Kungliga Musikaliska Akademien, the First St. Johannis- freemason lodge and the Finnish Cultural Foundation. Before moving to Sweden, Silja spent her life in Turku, finishing her B.A. in classical piano and music pedagogy in 2014 after her degree in fashion design (2009).

Nowadays Silja is an active pianist on and off stage, performing and teaching. She also designs and manufactures creations from burlesque outfits to ready-to-wear clothing and evening gowns. As of the fall of 2018 she will return to her role as a radio presenter for Sveriges Radio’s Sisu-channel. An artist of many forms of expression, Silja’s goal is to blend together all of her abilities. This has led to interesting projects, such as her piano recitals at Stockholm’s Konstakademien and Wäinö Aaltonen -museum in Turku where visual effects, costumery and narration were used hand in hand with music.

This year at the Mänttä Music Festival’s pop-up venue Silja Levander will act as presenter and pianist for the Oceans inside -events.