Opening Concert

Ossi Tanner

Ossi Tanner (b. 1997) is one of the most sought-after Finnish pianists of his generation. After winning the Tampere Piano Competition in 2017, he has been touring Finland as a recitalist, chamber musician, and soloist with several orchestras. Ossi Tanner was last heard at the Mänttä Music Festival in 2016, when he performed with the Keski-Pohjanmaa Chamber Orchestra under the baton of Sakari Oramo. Before this event, he had already roused the attention of the Mänttä audience as a student of Youth Piano Academy.

In the Opening Concert of this summer, Tanner – also described as the Poet of Piano – shall interpret Chopin’s beloved Sonata No. 2, also known as The Funeral March Sonata.


Estimated starting time of the intermission is 19:10. The concert ends approximately at 20:20.
Program is subject to alteration.


Magnus Lindberg: Piano Jubilees (2000)

Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano Sonata in E major Op. 109


Robert Ruohola: New composition (premiere)

Frédéric Chopin: Piano Sonata in B flat minor Op. 35