Beat­rice Rana

“Beat­rice pos­ses­ses an old soul that be­lies her twen­ty years, and more than a touch of ge­nius” Gra­mop­ho­ne, Ja­nua­ry 2014

Twen­ty-five year-old Beat­rice Rana has sha­ken the in­ter­na­tio­nal clas­sical music world al­rea­dy and aroused ad­mi­ra­tion and in­te­rest from concert pre­sen­ters, con­duc­tors, cri­tics and au­diences in many count­ries. The year 2017 will re­main as a mi­les­to­ne in her ca­reer with the re­lea­se of Bach’s Gold­berg Va­ria­tions on War­ner clas­sics, The recor­ding was prai­sed by re­viewers worldwi­de and was crow­ned by two ma­jor awards: “Young Ar­tist of the Year” Gra­mop­ho­ne Clas­sical Music Award and “Disco­ve­ry of the year” Edi­son award. In June 2018, she was elec­ted Fe­ma­le Ar­tist of the Year at the Clas­sic BRIT Awards at Ro­y­al Al­bert Hall.

Beat­rice per­forms at the world’s most es­tee­med concert halls and fes­ti­vals inclu­ding Vien­na’s Konzert­haus and Musi­kve­rein, Ber­lin Phil­har­mo­nie, Ams­ter­dam’ Concert­ge­bouw’s main hall, New York’s Lincoln Cen­ter and Car­ne­gie Hall, Zu­rich’s Ton­hal­le, Lon­don’s Wig­mo­re Hall, Ro­y­al Al­bert Hall and Ro­y­al Fes­ti­val Hall, Pa­ris’s Théât­re des Champs-Elysées, Lucer­ne’s KKL, Co­log­ne Phil­har­mo­nie, Mu­nich’s Phil­har­mo­nie, Prinz­re­gen­tent­hea­ter and Her­ku­les­saal, Frank­furt’s Alte Oper, Mi­lan’s Società dei Concer­ti, Fer­ra­ra Musica, Ver­bier Fes­ti­val, Kla­vier Fes­ti­val Ruhr, Lu­ga­no’s LAC, La Roque d’Anthé­ron Fes­ti­val, Mont­pel­lier Ra­dio-France Fes­ti­val,  Rencont­res Musica­les d’E­vian, Buc­ha­rest Enescu Fes­ti­val, Most­ly Mozart Fes­ti­val at Lincoln Cen­ter, San Francisco Per­for­mances, Los An­ge­les’ Walt Dis­ney Hall and Hol­lywood Bowl, Was­hing­ton D.C.’s Ken­ne­dy Cen­ter.

She col­la­bo­ra­tes with con­duc­tors such as Riccar­do Chail­ly, An­to­nio Pap­pa­no, Yan­nick Nézet-Sé­guin, Fa­bio Lui­si, Yuri Te­mir­ka­nov, Gia­nandrea No­se­da, Jun Märkl, Tre­vor Pin­nock, Ja­mes Gaf­fi­gan, Mir­ga Grazi­ny­te-Tyla, Fa­bien Ga­bel, La­hav Sha­ni, Andrés Orozco-Estra­da, Susan­na Mälk­ki, Leo­nard Slat­kin and Zu­bin Meh­ta.  Orc­he­stral ap­pea­rances inclu­de the Lon­don Phil­har­mo­nic Orc­he­stra, City of Bir­ming­ham Symp­ho­ny Orc­he­stra, BBC Symp­ho­ny Orc­he­stra, Phi­la­delp­hia Orc­he­stra, Los An­ge­les Phil­har­mo­nic, Det­roit Symp­ho­ny Orc­he­stra, NHK Symp­ho­ny, Dal­las Symp­ho­ny Orc­he­stra, Seoul Phil­har­mo­nic, Orc­he­stre Na­tio­nal de France, Tonkünst­ler Orc­hes­ter, Lucer­ne Symp­ho­ny Orc­he­stra, Orc­he­stra dell’Acca­de­mia Nazio­na­le di San­ta Ceci­lia, Orc­he­stra Sin­fo­nica del­la RAI, Fi­lar­mo­nica del­la Sca­la, Hel­sin­ki Phil­har­mo­nic, St Pe­ters­burg Phil­har­mo­nic.

Du­ring the 2018/​19 and 2019/​20 sea­sons, Beat­rice will de­but with the Ro­y­al Concert­ge­bouw Orc­he­stra, Chica­go Symp­ho­ny Orc­he­stra, Orc­he­stre de Pa­ris, Mel­bour­ne Symp­ho­ny, Baye­rische Rund­funk Sin­fo­nie­orc­hes­ter, Hes­sischer Rund­funk Sin­fo­nie­orc­hes­ter, Pitts­burgh Symp­ho­ny Orc­he­stra, Orques­ta Nacio­nal de Es­paña, Ro­y­al Li­ver­pool Phil­har­mo­nic, Da­nish Na­tio­nal Symp­ho­ny Orc­he­stra, Ro­y­al Stock­holm Phil­har­mo­nic Orc­he­stra and will re­turn to the Phi­la­delp­hia Orc­he­stra with Yan­nick Nézet-Se­guin at Phi­la­delp­hia’s Kim­mel Cen­ter and New York’s Car­ne­gie Hall, Los An­ge­les Phil­har­mo­nic with Gus­ta­vo Du­da­mel, the Tonkünst­ler Orc­hes­ter with Yuta­ka Sado at the Musi­kve­rein, the Det­roit Symp­ho­ny Orc­he­stra with Kent Na­ga­no, will tour with the Lon­don Phil­har­mo­nic Orc­he­stra and Vla­di­mir Ju­rows­ky and will start a re­si­dency at the Zu­rich Ope­ra with Fa­bio Lui­si and the Phil­har­mo­nia Zu­rich for a comple­te Beet­ho­ven concer­to cycle. She will also play reci­tals at Ge­ne­va’s Great Per­for­mers se­ries at Vic­to­ria Hall, Mu­nich’s Prinz­re­gen­tent­hea­ter, Lon­don’s Qu­een Eliza­beth Hall and Wig­mo­re Hall, Es­sen Phil­har­mo­nie, Ber­lin Phil­har­mo­nie’s Kam­mer­musik­saal, Lis­bon’s Gul­ben­kian Foun­da­tion, Pa­ris’ Théât­re des Champs-Elysées, Madrid’s Scherzo Great Per­for­mers se­ries, Gil­mo­re Key­board fes­ti­val, and Car­ne­gie Hall.

In 2015, Beat­rice re­lea­sed her first al­bum as en exclusi­ve War­ner Clas­sics ar­tist fea­tu­ring Pro­ko­fiev’s 2nd­pia­no concer­to and Tc­hai­kovs­ky’s first concer­to with An­to­nio Pap­pa­no and the Acca­de­mia Nazio­na­le San­ta Ceci­lia di Roma. The CD recei­ved in­ter­na­tio­nal acclaim inclu­ding the pres­ti­gious Gra­mop­ho­ne’s Edi­tor’s Choice and BBC Music Ma­gazi­ne’s Newco­mer of the Year  Award.

Du­ring the 2015-2017 pe­riod Beat­rice was part of the pres­ti­gious BBC New Ge­ne­ra­tion Ar­tist Sche­me, al­lowing her to record a lot of re­per­toi­re for the BBC and play with all BBC Orc­he­stras. In April 2016, the Bor­let­ti-Bui­to­ni Trust awar­ded her a fel­lows­hip.
In June 2013, Beat­rice won Sil­ver (2nd Prize) and the Au­dience Award at the pres­ti­gious Van Cli­burn com­pe­ti­tion.She had att­rac­ted in­ter­na­tio­nal at­ten­tion at 18, win­ning 1st Prize and all special prizes at the Mont­real In­ter­na­tio­nal com­pe­ti­tion in 2011.
A reci­pient of an impres­si­ve num­ber of first prizes in na­tio­nal and in­ter­na­tio­nal pia­no com­pe­ti­tions, such as “Muzio Cle­men­ti” Com­pe­ti­tion, “In­ter­na­tio­nal Pia­no Com­pe­ti­tion of the Re­public of San Ma­ri­no” and “Bang&Oluf­sen Pia­no­RA­MA Com­pe­ti­tion”.She now stu­dies with Be­ne­det­to Lupo in Rome.

Born to a fa­mi­ly of musicians in 1993, Beat­rice Rana made her de­buts as a so­loist with orc­he­stra at the age of 9, per­for­ming Bach Concer­to in F mi­nor. Beat­rice be­gan her musical stu­dies at four and ac­hie­ved her Pia­no Degree un­der the gui­dance of Be­ne­det­to Lupo at the Nino Rota Con­ser­va­to­ry of Music in Mo­no­po­li, whe­re she also stu­died com­po­si­tion with Marco del­la Sciucca. She is ba­sed in Rome.