Summer Night’s Light – Golden Edition

The celebrated Summer Night’s Light Concert at the Mänttä Club will this year take you on a nostalgic throwback to the 1940’s Hollywood classic Casablanca. Here you can find Nick’s Café, which shows striking resemblance to the famous Rick’s Café in Casablanca. Nick’s Café is known for its spectacular concerts, theatrical performances, movie nights, TV shows, and much more. At Nick’s, just like in the famous movie, there is also love, passion, drama, and intrigues.

The concert trailer “Once Upon a Time in Nick’s Café” is to be found here.

The journey to Nick’s Café is hosted by The Piano Desperados, a group  of young talented pianists from the Youth Piano Academy Finland. As a team, the Piano Desperados arose from the magical woods outside Mänttä and  took the audience by storm when they appeared for their first show during the 2016 Summer Night’s Light Concert, that year hosted by the legendary jazz pianist Iiro Rantala. This year, when the Mänttä festival is celebrating its 20 years anniversary, the Desperados are reinforced by added members from the Youth Piano Academy Finland as well as  by a number of dazzling guest stars. The show has been supervised by  the internationally legendary pianist- comedian Hyung-ki Joo as well as by Jouni Bäckström and Jukka Nykänen, two of the masters of music
comedy in Finland.

The evening will continue in cozy club atmosphere also after the intermission, when Laura Sippola and her band Tuki will entertain the audience with a musical journey to the border territories between dark and light humor.