Geof­frey Bur­le­son

Geof­frey Bur­le­son has per­for­med to wide acclaim th­roug­hout Eu­ro­pe and North Ame­rica, and is equal­ly ac­ti­ve as a reci­ta­list, concer­to so­loist, cham­ber musician and jazz per­for­mer.  The New York Ti­mes has hai­led his solo per­for­mances as “vibrant” and “com­pel­ling”, and has prai­sed his “com­mand, pro­jec­tion of rhap­so­dic qua­li­ties wit­hout loss of rhyth­mic vi­gor, and ap­propria­te sen­se of spon­ta­nei­ty and fetc­hing co­lors”.   And the Bos­ton Glo­be re­fers to Mr. Bur­le­son as a “re­mar­kable pia­nist” and “a first-class in­stru­men­tal pre­sence” who­se per­for­mances are “out­right th­ril­ling.”

Mr. Bur­le­son’s nu­me­rous acclai­med solo ap­pea­rances inclu­de pro­mi­nent ve­nues in Pa­ris (at the Égli­se St-Mer­ri), New York, Rome (Ame­rican Aca­de­my), Hel­sin­ki (Si­be­lius Aca­de­my), At­hens (Mit­ro­pou­los Hall), Mexico City (Na­tio­nal Museum of Art), Rot­ter­dam (De Doe­len), Chica­go (Dame Myra Hess Me­mo­rial Se­ries), Bos­ton, Was­hing­ton, Switzer­land, England, Spain, and el­sew­he­re.   He has also ap­pea­red as so­loist in many in­ter­na­tio­nal fes­ti­vals, inclu­ding the Most­ly Mo­dern Fes­ti­val, Bard Music Fes­ti­val, Mo­nad­nock Music Fes­ti­val, Mänt­tä Music Fes­ti­val (Fin­land), San­tan­der Fes­ti­val (Spain), the Tal­loi­res In­ter­na­tio­nal Fes­ti­val (France), the In­ter­na­tio­nal Key­board Ins­ti­tu­te & Fes­ti­val (New York), and the In­ter­har­mo­ny In­ter­na­tio­nal Music Fes­ti­val (Ita­ly).

Mr. Bur­le­son has ap­pea­red as concer­to so­loist with nu­me­rous orc­he­stras and en­sembles, inclu­ding the Buf­fa­lo Phil­har­mo­nic, New England Phil­har­mo­nic, Bos­ton Musica Viva, Pio­neer Val­ley Symp­ho­ny, Ar­ling­ton Phil­har­mo­nic, and the Hol­land Sym­fo­nia in the Net­her­lands, per­for­ming re­per­toi­re ran­ging from Mozart, We­ber and Saint-Saens to Gershwin, Ye­hu­di Wy­ner, Da­vid Ra­kows­ki, and Klaas de Vries.

Mr. Bur­le­son cur­rent­ly per­forms as a princi­pal pia­nist with the Ame­rican Mo­dern En­semble, Bos­ton Musica Viva and the Tri­beca New Music Fes­ti­val, as well as IM­Pe­tus, a dy­na­mic trio fea­tu­ring voca­list Ma­ria Tegzes, and gui­ta­rist Dave “Kni­fe” Fa­bris. He is also a mem­ber of Prince­ton Uni­ver­si­ty’s Ric­hard­son Cham­ber Players. For­mer­ly, Mr. Bur­le­son per­for­med in Greece and the Uni­ted Sta­tes as princi­pal pia­nist with ALEA III, the con­tem­po­ra­ry en­semble-in-re­si­dence at Bos­ton Uni­ver­si­ty, for five sea­sons.  Recent tou­ring pro­jects inclu­de “Ako­ka:  Mes­siaen Re­mix”, a CD and pro­gram fea­tu­ring Mes­siaen’s Quar­tet for the End of Time, and inclu­ding new works com­men­ting on it by Da­vid Kra­kau­er and DJ Socal­led, with Da­vid Kra­kau­er, cla­ri­net; Matt Hai­mo­vitz, cel­lo; and Todd Rey­nolds, vio­lin.  Via the “Ako­ka” CD, Mr. Bur­le­son was no­mi­na­ted for a 2015 Juno Award for Clas­sical Al­bum Of The Year.

Mr. Bur­le­son has also ap­pea­red in duo per­for­mances with many pro­mi­nent musicians, inclu­ding Bos­ton Symp­ho­ny Orc­he­stra concert­mas­ter Malcolm Lowe, for­mer BSO princi­pal flu­te Jacques Zoon, vio­li­nist Bay­la Keyes, Mary Rowell, and Rolf Schul­te; and cel­lists Matt Hai­mo­vitz and Rhon­da Ri­der. He has col­la­bo­ra­ted with nu­me­rous world-re­now­ned com­po­sers, and has gi­ven solo and duo pre­mie­res of works by Gunt­her Schul­ler, Vi­vian Fine, Wil­liam Kraft, Da­vid Ra­kows­ki, Lior Na­vok, Hayes Biggs, Bar­ba­ra Whi­te, Jef­frey Sta­del­man, Ja­son Ec­kardt, Evan John­son, and ot­hers. As a jazz pia­nist, Mr. Bur­le­son has per­for­med ex­ten­si­ve­ly at home and abroad, both as so­loist and in many en­sembles. The Bos­ton Glo­be has lau­ded his jazz per­for­mances, prai­sing his “so­los fil­led with complex har­mo­nic and rhyth­mic fi­gu­res”, as well as his “com­pact and dra­ma­tic” ar­ran­ge­ments of works by such di­ver­se ar­tists as Eric Dolp­hy and Pat­ti Smith.  Mr. Bur­le­son’s work in jazz has also ta­ken him as far as Baku, Azer­bai­jan, whe­re he per­for­med as both so­loist, and with voca­list CoCo York, un­der the aus­pices of Ame­rican Voices.

Cur­rent­ly, Mr. Bur­le­son is recor­ding the comple­te pia­no works of Ca­mil­le Saint-Saens, being re­lea­sed on 5 CD vo­lu­mes on the new Naxos Grand Pia­no la­bel. Saint-Saens: Comple­te Pia­no Works 1:  Comple­te Pia­no Etu­des, the inau­gu­ral re­lea­se on the new la­bel, Saint-Saens:  Comple­te Pia­no Works 2, Cha­rac­ter Pieces (Vol. 3), and Dances & Sou­ve­nirs (Vol. 4) have all been re­lea­sed thus far,  and have met with high in­ter­na­tio­nal acclaim from Gra­mop­ho­ne, In­ter­na­tio­nal Record Re­view, Dia­pa­son (France), and el­sew­he­re, and has gar­ne­red In­ter­na­tio­nal Pia­no Choice Awards from In­ter­na­tio­nal Pia­no Ma­gazi­ne.   Ot­her no­table re­lea­ses inclu­de Roy Har­ris-Comple­te Pia­no Music (Naxos), and Vincent Per­sic­het­ti: Comple­te Pia­no So­na­tas (New World Records), a 2-CD set on which all twel­ve of Per­sic­het­ti’s pia­no so­na­tas are uni­ted on one re­lea­se for the first time. The Per­sic­het­ti recor­ding was accor­ded high acclaim from the BBC Music Ma­gazi­ne (“BBC Music Choice”; 5/​5 stars), a lau­da­to­ry fea­tu­re re­view in Gra­mop­ho­ne, and was lis­ted among the best recor­dings re­lea­sed in 2008 by Fan­fa­re and the Ame­rican Record Gui­de. Anot­her recent re­lea­se is Odd Couple  (Oxin­ga­le Records), a duo CD of Ame­rican works with cel­list Matt Hai­mo­vitz, fea­tu­ring the Bar­ber and Car­ter So­na­tas, as well as newer works by Da­vid San­ford and Au­gus­ta Read Tho­mas.

Mr. Bur­le­son was win­ner of the Sil­ver Me­dal in the In­ter­na­tio­nal Pia­no Recor­ding Com­pe­ti­tion, and won Special Com­men­da­tions in the Vien­na Mo­dern Mas­ters In­ter­na­tio­nal Per­for­mers Com­pe­ti­tion. He was also the reci­pient of a DAAD grant from the Ger­man go­vern­ment to sup­port a re­si­dency at the Aca­de­my of Arts in Ber­lin. A gra­dua­te of the Pea­bo­dy Con­ser­va­to­ry, New England Con­ser­va­to­ry, and Sto­ny Brook Uni­ver­si­ty (D.M.A.), his princi­pal teac­hers inclu­de Gil­bert Ka­lish, Leo­nard Shu­re, Ve­ro­nica Joc­hum, Lil­lian Freund­lich, Tin­ka Knopf, and Audrey Bart Brown.

Mr. Bur­le­son teac­hes pia­no at Prince­ton Uni­ver­si­ty, and is Pro­fes­sor of Music and Di­rec­tor of Pia­no Stu­dies at Hun­ter Col­le­ge of The City Uni­ver­si­ty of New York.  He is also on the pia­no facul­ties of The Gra­dua­te Cen­ter of the City Uni­ver­si­ty of New York, the In­ter­na­tio­nal Key­board Ins­ti­tu­te & Fes­ti­val(New York), and the In­ter­har­mo­ny In­ter­na­tio­nal Music Fes­ti­val (Ita­ly).

Mr. Bur­le­son’s pia­no is tu­ned and re­gu­la­ted by Paul Eccardt of Paul’s Pia­nos.