Kal­le Toi­vio

Dr. Kal­le Toi­vio is an Fin­nish-Ame­rican vir­tuo­so concert or­ga­nist pia­nist li­ving in New York City. He is the win­ner of the First Prize at the pres­ti­gious Ame­rican Guild of Or­ga­nists Na­tio­nal Com­pe­ti­tion in Or­gan Im­pro­vi­sa­tion held in con­juc­tion with the 2018 AGO Na­tio­nal Con­ven­tion in Kan­sas City, Mis­sou­ri.

Dr. Toi­vio has played or­gan reci­tals at Church of Saint Ig­na­tius Lo­y­ola, Ri­ver­si­de Church, St. Mary the Vir­gin and at the Ken­ne­dy Cen­ter Mil­le­nium Sta­ge in Was­hing­ton D.C. Cat­he­dral of St. John the Di­vi­ne. Cent­ral Lut­he­ran Church of Min­nea­po­lis, Kal­le Toi­vio has tou­red in Eu­ro­pe, Ja­pan and the Uni­ted Sta­tes. He has per­for­med in Te­le­vi­sion and Ra­dio in Fin­land, England, Bel­gium and Austria. In the Uni­ted Sta­tes Kal­le Toi­vio has played reci­tals at the Myra Hess Me­mo­rial Concert Se­ries in Chica­go and at the Car­ne­gie Hall. Be­fo­re mo­ving to the Uni­ted Sta­tes, Kal­le Toi­vio per­for­med at nu­me­rous Mänt­tä Music Fes­ti­vals since their foun­ding in 1999.Kal­le Toi­vio is the Or­ga­nist and Di­rec­tor of Music at the Church of Not­re Dame in New York City. Dr. Toi­vio is in the or­gan facul­ty of Man­hat­tan School of Music Precol­le­ge as well as on the Pia­no Facul­ty of the Stam­ford Music Arts Aca­de­my.Dr. Toi­vio is the foun­der and Sub-Dean of the Fin­land Chap­ter of the Ame­rican Guild of Or­ga­nists.

Dr. Kal­le Toi­vio has gra­dua­ted from the Si­be­lius Aca­de­my with Bac­he­lor and Mas­ter of Music degrees in Church Music as well as Mas­ter of Music degree in Pia­no Per­for­mance. At the Si­be­lius Aca­de­my his princi­pal teac­hers were Hui-Ying Liu-Tawast­jer­na and Mat­ti Rae­kal­lio in Pia­no Per­for­mance, Vil­le Ur­po­nen in Or­gan Per­for­mance, Timo Kiis­ki­nen and Ju­ha­ni Haa­pa­sa­lo in Li­tur­gical Music and Pek­ka Suik­ka­nen in Or­gan Im­pro­vi­sa­tion. Af­ter mo­ving to New York City Dr. Toi­vio con­ti­nued his or­gan and con­duc­ting stu­dies at the Man­hat­tan School of Music from whe­re he recei­ved his Mas­ter of Music and Doc­tor of Musical Arts degrees in Or­gan Per­for­mance and was ho­no­red with the Bron­son Ra­gan Award twice, gi­ven to an in­di­vi­dual who has de­mon­stra­ted outs­tan­ding abi­li­ty in Or­gan Per­for­mance. His doc­to­ral dis­ser­ta­tion is on transc­rip­tions for the or­gan of concer­tos by An­to­nio Vi­val­di. Kal­le Toi­vio has con­ti­nued his or­gan stu­dies with Ja­mes Da­vid Chris­tie and or­gan im­pro­vi­sa­tion with Da­vid Briggs.

For more than se­ven years Kal­le Toi­vio stu­died the art of or­gan playing and im­pro­vi­sa­tion with the le­gen­da­ry Mc­Neil Ro­bin­son (1943–2015). For al­most two deca­des Kal­le Toi­vio has stu­died the art of pia­no playing with Nina Svet­la­no­va.

Kal­le Toi­vio is mar­ried to concert pia­nist and act­ress Vik­to­riya Pa­pay­ani.