Lecture: Clara Schumann – pianist, composer and mother

2.8. at 13:00

Serlachius Museum Gösta

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Ari Helander, lecturer

Du­ring the 1800s, it was near­ly im­pos­sible for wo­men to get a pro­per musical educa­tion and make their ca­reer as per­for­ming ar­tists. Cla­ra Schu­mann (1819–1896) was one of the few excep­tions. Un­til qui­te recent­ly, she was re­mem­be­red most­ly as Ro­bert Schu­mann’s wife and muse, but as Ari He­lan­der shows in his lec­tu­re, she was much more than that.

Lec­tu­re is in Fin­nish.