Marc-André Ha­me­lin

“A per­for­mer of near-su­per­hu­man tech­nical prowess.” — The New York Ti­mes

Pia­nist Marc-André Ha­me­lin is known worldwi­de for his un­ri­val­led blend of con­sum­ma­te musicians­hip and bril­liant tech­nique in the great works of the es­tablis­hed re­per­toi­re, as well as for his int­re­pid explo­ra­tion of the ra­ri­ties of the 19th, 20th, and 21st cen­tu­ries – in concert and on disc.

The co­ming sea­son inclu­des Mr. Ha­me­lin’s re­turn to Car­ne­gie Hall for a reci­tal on the Key­board Vir­tuo­so Se­ries plus reci­tals in Mont­real, Seatt­le, Ber­lin, Flo­rence, Salz­burg, Wig­mo­re Hall, Is­tan­bul, among ot­hers. In re­per­toi­re from Haydn and Mozart to Ra­vel and Rach­ma­ni­noff, Ha­me­lin ap­pears with the BBC Scot­tish Symp­ho­ny Orc­he­stra, the Los An­ge­les, Stutt­gart, and Moscow Sta­te Phil­har­mo­nics, the Vancou­ver, Cincin­na­ti, and Ore­gon Symp­ho­nies, and tours in Eu­ro­pe with the Ams­ter­dam Sin­fo­niet­ta.

Some high­lights of Mr. Ha­me­lin’s last sea­son inclu­de reci­tals at Vien­na’s Konzert­haus and at the Schu­ber­tia­de, the Concert­ge­bouw in Ams­ter­dam, at Yale, Cincin­na­ti, Sa­van­nah, Mu­nich, Moscow, and Vancou­ver – as well as his second ap­pea­rance on the Key­board Vir­tuo­so Se­ries at Car­ne­gie Hall.

With orc­he­stra, he de­bu­ted at the Orc­he­stre de Pa­ris with Alan Gil­bert con­duc­ting the Ra­vel Concer­to for the Left Hand; played the Schoen­berg Concer­to with the Rund­funk-Sin­fo­nie­orc­hes­ter Ber­lin in the ope­ning weeks of Vla­di­mir Ju­rows­ki’s inau­gu­ral sea­son; the Ra­vel Left Hand Concer­to with Juan­jo Mena and the To­ron­to Symp­ho­ny; Ra­vel’s G Ma­jor Concer­to with the St. Lo­uis Symp­ho­ny and John Storgårds; Stra­vins­ky with the Seatt­le Symp­ho­ny and Lu­do­vic Mor­lot; Haydn with Osmo Väns­kä and the Min­ne­so­ta Orc­he­stra; Mozart with Nic­ho­las Mc­Ge­gan con­duc­ting the Cle­ve­land Orc­he­stra; the two Brahms concer­ti with the Moscow Phil­har­mo­nic; and the Brahms D mi­nor concer­to with Andrew Manze con­duc­ting the Ro­y­al Li­ver­pool Phil­har­mo­nic.

He was a dis­tin­guis­hed mem­ber of the jury of the 15th Van Cli­burn In­ter­na­tio­nal Pia­no Com­pe­ti­tion in 2017 whe­re each of the 30 com­pe­ti­tors in the pre­li­mi­na­ry round per­for­med Ha­me­lin’s “Tocca­ta on L’­Hom­me armé” which mar­ked the first time the com­po­ser of the com­mis­sio­ned work was also a mem­ber of the jury. Alt­hough pri­ma­ri­ly a per­for­mer, Mr. Ha­me­lin has com­po­sed music th­roug­hout his ca­reer; the ma­jo­ri­ty of his works are publis­hed by Edi­tion Pe­ters.

Mr. Ha­me­lin records exclusi­ve­ly for Hy­pe­rion Records. His most recent re­lea­ses are a disc of Schu­bert’s Pia­no So­na­ta in B-Flat Ma­jor and Four Im­promp­tus, a land­mark disc of Stra­vins­ky’s The Rite of Spring and Concer­to for Two Pia­nos with Leif Ove Ands­nes, Mor­ton Feld­man’s For Bu­ni­ta Marcus, and Medt­ner’s Pia­no Concer­to No. 2 and Rach­ma­ni­nov’s Pia­no Concer­to No. 3 with the Lon­don Phil­har­mo­nic Orc­he­stra and Vla­di­mir Ju­rows­ki. His Hy­pe­rion disco­grap­hy of over 60 recor­dings inclu­des concer­tos and works for solo pia­no by such com­po­sers as Al­kan, Go­dows­ky, and Medt­ner, as well as bril­liant­ly recei­ved per­for­mances of Brahms, Cho­pin, Liszt, Schu­mann, and Shos­ta­ko­vich.

He was ho­no­red with the 2014 ECHO Klas­sik In­stru­men­ta­list of Year (Pia­no) and Disc of the Year by Dia­pa­son Ma­gazi­ne and Clas­sica Ma­gazi­ne for his th­ree-disc set of Buso­ni: Late Pia­no Musicand an al­bum of his own com­po­si­tions, Ha­me­lin: Étu­des, which recei­ved a 2010 Gram­my no­mi­na­tion (his ninth) and a first prize from the Ger­man Record Cri­tics’ As­socia­tion. The Ha­me­lin étu­des are publis­hed by Edi­tion Pe­ters.

Mr. Ha­me­lin ma­kes his home in the Bos­ton area with his wife, Cat­hy Ful­ler. Born in Mont­real, Marc-André Ha­me­lin is the reci­pient of a li­fe­ti­me ac­hie­ve­ment award from the Ger­man Record Cri­tics’ As­socia­tion. He is an Of­ficer of the Or­der of Ca­na­da, a Che­va­lier de l’Ordre du Qué­bec, and a mem­ber of the Ro­y­al Socie­ty of Ca­na­da.