Master Classes

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Mänttä International Master Classes


In 2022 the Mänttä Music Festival organizes the Nordic Piano Academy for talented young pianists from Finland, Sweden and Norway. The selected group of students are invited and granted scholarships to cover the course fees. The Nordic Piano Academy is organized in collaboration with the Youth Piano Academy Finland. The Nordic Piano Academy is supported by Suomalais-ruotsalainen kulttuurirahasto and Suomalais-norjalainen kulttuurirahasto.

The master class teachers will be confirmed later in the Spring 2022.

Additional information

Anni Pokki
+358 45 6360560

The Youth Piano Academy Finland

The Youth Piano Academy, known in Finnish as Nuorten pianoakatemia, is a special training program for exceptionally talented teenagers. Ten youngsters from all across Finland meet five to six times a year, each time with different professors. The Youth Piano Academy also organizes workshops on different topics, including sight reading, practicing, the history of piano music, interpretation, and performing skills. One of the festival artists will teach the students of the Youth Piano Academy at the Kivijärvi hall. Welcome! The Youth Piano Academy is funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation and the Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation.