Nii­lo Ruot­sa­la

Nii­lo Ruot­sa­la star­ted his musical educa­tion in Itä-Hels­sin­gin musiik­kio­pis­to when he was 7 years old. At the mo­ment Nii­lo is stu­dying music in The Hel­sin­ki Con­ser­va­to­ry of Music, Ant­ti Hot­ti as his teac­her.

Nii­lo has been awar­ded in se­ve­ral pia­no com­pe­ti­tions in Fin­land, for example Ma­de­to­ja -pia­no com­pe­ti­tion, Ta­pio­la-com­pe­ti­tion and Steinway Pia­no Fes­ti­val. He has also been one of the fi­na­lists in Nor­dic Ju­nior Pia­no Com­pe­ti­tion. Nii­lo has per­for­med as a so­loist of Hel­sin­ki Phil­har­mo­nic Orc­he­stra and he also ar­ran­ged a Su­per Ma­rio-piece for the same orc­he­stra with com­po­ser Kir­mo Lin­ti­nen. In his free time, Nii­lo com­po­ses and pro­duces music.