Ris­to-Mat­ti Ma­rin

Ris­to-Mat­ti Ma­rin (b. 1976) has recor­ded many in­ter­na­tio­nal­ly acclai­med solo pia­no discs, and se­ve­ral discs of cham­ber music. He has also made a num­ber of recor­dings for the Fin­nish Broadcas­ting Com­pa­ny (YLE). Ma­rin’s recor­ded ca­ta­lo­gue va­ries from the cor­ners­to­nes of clas­sical/​ro­man­tic pia­no re­per­toi­re to rare ori­gi­nal works, transc­rip­tions, and con­tem­po­ra­ry music. Ma­rin ear­ned his doc­to­ral degree in 2010 from the Si­be­lius Aca­de­my in Hel­sin­ki.

In ad­di­tion to his work as a pia­no reci­ta­list and cham­ber musician Ma­rin lec­tu­res on pia­no music and teac­hes at mas­terclas­ses in Fin­land and abroad. His ear­ly teac­hers in the Kuo­pio Con­ser­va­toi­re were Jou­ni Räty and Jaak­ko Un­ta­ma­la. La­ter Ma­rin stu­died in the Si­be­lius Aca­de­my, whe­re his teac­hers were Erik T. Tawastst­jer­na and Tep­po Koi­vis­to.

As a so­loist, as well as a cham­ber musician to­get­her with clas­sical saxop­ho­nist Olli-Pek­ka Tuo­mi­sa­lo, Ma­rin has pre­mie­red many Fin­nish con­tem­po­ra­ry works, by 
Eero Hä­meen­nie­mi, Se­bas­tian Fa­ger­lund and Matt­hew Whit­tall, among ot­hers. Recent­ly, Ma­rin was the co-de­dica­tee, along with An­ge­la Hewitt, of Whit­tall’s pia­no concer­to “Na­me­less Seas”, of which he gave the Eu­ro­pean pre­mie­re in No­vem­ber 2017 as so­loist with the Fin­nish Ra­dio Symp­ho­ny Orc­he­stra, con­duc­ted by Ola­ri Elts. Recent­ly Ma­rin has made first recor­dings of unk­nown Fin­nish pia­no re­per­toi­re. A con­tem­po­ra­ry music disc “Sixth Sen­se” was re­lea­sed in 2018, and recor­dings of so­na­tas by Il­ma­ri Han­ni­kai­nen and Ei­na­ri Mar­via will be re­lea­sed la­ter this year.