Sen­ja Rum­mu­kai­nen

Sen­ja Rum­mu­kai­nen (b. 1994) was awar­ded the 1st prize in the Fin­nish Na­tio­nal Cel­lo Com­pe­ti­tion 2014 in Tur­ku. In 2015, Sen­ja was a fi­na­list in the in­ter­na­tio­nal Guil­her­mi­na Sug­gia Prize com­pe­ti­tion. She has per­for­med at va­rious music fes­ti­vals such as the Naan­ta­li Music Fes­ti­val, Tur­ku Music Fes­ti­val, Kau­niai­nen Music Fes­ti­val, Oulu Music Fes­ti­val, Joen­suu Music Fes­ti­val, Grieg in Ber­gen Fes­ti­val and RUSK Fes­ti­val, to name a few.

Sen­ja was the Young Ar­tist of the Year at the Kors­holm Music Fes­ti­val in 2015 and has been part of the “Young cham­ber musicians”-pro­gram at the Kuh­mo Cham­ber Music Fes­ti­val since 2016. She has played as a so­loist with orc­he­stras such as the Hel­sin­ki Phil­har­mo­nic Orc­he­stra, Tur­ku Phil­har­mo­nic Orc­he­stra, Kuo­pio Symp­ho­ny Orc­he­stra, Ostro­both­nian Cham­ber Orc­he­stra, Vaa­sa City Orc­he­stra, Pori Sin­fo­niet­ta, Sa­von­lin­na Orc­he­stra, Orque­stra Sinfó­nica do Por­to Casa da Mú­sica, Würt­tem­ber­gische Phil­har­mo­nie Reut­lin­gen and Bad Reic­hen­hall Phil­har­mo­nic. She has made recor­dings for YLE.

Sen­ja Rum­mu­kai­nen star­ted her mas­ter stu­dies at the Uni­ver­si­tät der Küns­te Ber­lin with Pro­fes­sor Jens-Pe­ter Maintz in 2017. Be­fo­re that she has stu­died with Taru Aar­nio, Mar­ko Ylö­nen, Young-Chang Cho and Truls Mørk. Sen­ja has par­tici­pa­ted mas­terclas­ses with pro­fes­sors such as Da­vid Ge­rin­gas, Rein­hard Latz­ko and Wolf­gang Boettc­her.

Rum­mu­kai­nen is an ac­ti­ve cham­ber musician and is one of the ar­tis­tic di­rec­tors of the Cham­ber Sum­mer Fes­ti­val, to­get­her with Jo­han­nes Piir­to, Kas­mir Uusi­tu­pa, Tami Poh­jo­la and Rii­na Pii­ri­lä. In 2017 she beca­me the 2nd princi­pal cel­lo in the Hel­sin­ki Phil­har­mo­nic Orc­he­stra. Cur­rent­ly Sen­ja plays a cel­lo by Ste­fa­no Sca­ram­pel­la (1897), ge­ne­rous­ly loa­ned by Jor­ma Pa­nu­la.