To­tal Cel­lo En­semble

Total Cello Ensemble is a group of six high-quality cellists that combine their professionalism in classical music with a new way of thinking. That often means breaking down musical barriers. They combine in a unique and creative way classical music with attempts to create new ways of musical expression and interpretation.

In the fantastic Total Cello Show you can hear the band’s ideas about how far their instruments can reach. Their wide repertoire reaches from Sibelius to Formula Uno Race or sounds in the wilderness of Finnish Lapland. The ensemble plays also both Argentinian and Finnish tango in a very touching way, but the basis of the repertoire is on classical music.

A classical music student often studies alone with his/her instrument most of the time. It was Professor Hannu Kiiski’s idea to have a change and give a new kind of possibility to his students to play together. That was in 1994. During twenty years the ensemble has performed about 500 times, also on several festivals.

Total Cello Ensemble in Mänttä:

Hannu Kiiski, primus motor
Samuli Peltonen
Jussi Vähälä
Tuomas Ylinen
Lauri Kankkunen
Senja Rummukainen