G.A. Serlachius Inc. had Honkahovi built in 1938 by Mäntänlahti bay, in close vicinity of the present-day town, to be used as the official residence of then-superintendent, future CEO R. Erik Serlachius. Designed by architect Jarl Eklund, the beautiful Functionalist building fits beautifully among the large pines. The large downstairs windows look out over a breathtaking view of Mäntänlahti bay in Lake Kuorevesi.

During its history, Honkahovi has been visited by heads of state, Secretaries of State, industrial managers and customers of the company. 1996 through 2011, the building housed Honkahovi Art Center. Opened for business in November 2011, ArtHotel Honkahovi is a high-quality hotel and restaurant. Kauko Sorjonen Foundation produces annually at least three art exhibitions and ten concerts for Honkahovi.

Source: Honkahovi