Mänttä Church

The Mänttä church was designed by architect W. G. Palmqvist and it was inaugurated in 1928. The wooden sculptures by Hannes Autere and the altarpiece by Alwar Cawén give the unique touch to the Mänttä church. The construction of the church was completed in 1928. The church was constructed at G.A. Serlachius’s own expense.

On the left by the main door there is a marble board, which presents a brief history of Mänttä, the names of the builder, architect and artists of the church. On the right side you can see another marble board listing the names of the 27 construction foreman. Mänttä church has a cruciform plan. Church’s bell tower rises up to 37 meters and the seating capacity is about 450.

In May 2003, a 30-stop organ constructed by J. L. van den Heuvel Orgelbouw was introduced.