Ser­lac­hius museum Gös­ta

The Pa­vi­lion In sum­mer 2014, be­si­de the Art museum’s ma­nor, rose the ex­ten­sion which enables ex­hi­bi­tions lar­ger and more ver­sa­ti­le than be­fo­re. The pa­vi­lion tripled the ex­hi­bi­tion spaces; now Gös­ta has a to­tal of 1500 sq.m. ex­hi­bi­tion space. The ex­ten­sion con­tains also mo­dern con­ser­va­tion faci­li­ties, a mag­ni­ficent res­tau­rant with a beau­ti­ful view, a fes­ti­ve hall…

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Mäntän Klubi

Mänttä klub

“The door opens qui­et­ly, as if a whis­pe­ring wind could move the oa­ken door. A stur­dy knock on the floor, no-one to be seen – may­be it is just the in­vi­sible go­ver­ness of the Club. But has some vi­si­tor – the Qu­een, the Pre­si­dent or a Coun­se­lor of Sta­te – left their sec­ret in the…

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Mäntän kirkko

Mänttä church

The Mänt­tä church was de­sig­ned by arc­hi­tect W. G. Palm­qvist and it was inau­gu­ra­ted in 1928. The woo­den sculp­tu­res by Han­nes Au­te­re and the al­tar­piece by Alwar Cawén give the unique touch to the Mänt­tä church. The con­struc­tion of the church was comple­ted in 1928. The church was con­struc­ted at G.A. Ser­lac­hius’s own ex­pen­se…

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Vilppulan kirkko

Vilp­pu­la church

Vilp­pu­la church was de­sig­ned by arc­hi­tect Georg Schreck and it was built in 1891–1900. The church en­ded up in the fi­ring line batt­les of 1918, and the hit­marks are still seen on the sup­port pil­lars of the bell tower. The al­tar­piece is a pain­ting by Pek­ka Ha­lo­nen cal­led “Kris­tus vuo­ri­tiel­lä” (Christ on the moun­tain path)

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G.A. Ser­lac­hius Inc. had Hon­ka­ho­vi built in 1938 by Män­tän­lah­ti bay, in clo­se vici­ni­ty of the pre­sent-day town, to be used as the of­ficial re­si­dence of then-su­pe­rin­ten­dent, fu­tu­re CEO R. Erik Ser­lac­hius. De­sig­ned by arc­hi­tect Jarl Eklund, the beau­ti­ful Func­tio­na­list buil­ding fits beau­ti­ful­ly among the lar­ge pi­nes. The lar­ge downs­tairs win­dows look out over a breath­ta­king

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Getting to Mänttä-Vilppula

Mänt­tä and Vilp­pu­la are loca­ted in the beau­ti­ful Fin­nish lake and fo­rest landsca­pe, halfway between Tam­pe­re (rou­te 58) and Jy­väs­ky­lä (rou­te 58, 23), an hour´s dri­ve from both ci­ties.
The railway goes th­rough the re­gion: Tam­pe­re – Vilp­pu­la – Haa­pa­mä­ki. It is only 7 km from the Vilp­pu­la railway sta­tion to Mänt­tä. By bus you can reach Mänt­tä and Vilp­pu­la in ap­proxi­ma­te­ly one hour from Tam­pe­re and in an hour and a half from Jy­väs­ky­lä. The­re are se­ve­ral buses dai­ly between Mänt­tä and Vilp­pu­la.

It is also pos­sible to take the Ser­lac­hius bus if you are co­ming from Tam­pe­re. The bus runs between Mänt­tä-Vilp­pu­la and Tam­pe­re on the days the Ser­lac­hius museums are open.
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