Mänttä Club

Mäntän Klubi

“The large oak door opens qui­et­ly, as if moved by a whis­pe­ring wind. A stur­dy knock on the floor, no-one to be seen – may­be it is just the in­vi­sible go­ver­ness of the Club. But has some vi­si­tor – the Qu­een, the Pre­si­dent or a Coun­se­lor of Sta­te – left their sec­ret in the man­sion?”

History of Mänttä Club

De­sig­ned by Val­ter ja Ivar Thomén, Mänt­tä Club was built in 1920 to be used by G.A. Ser­lac­hius Inc. as faci­li­ties for fes­ti­vi­ties. The mag­ni­ficent faci­li­ties are gua­ran­teed to top your par­ty, mee­ting or event off. At the Mänt­tä Club, a distinguished history meets the present day with a sen­se of sty­le known around the world. Since au­tumn 2010, the Club has been ma­na­ged by Kau­ko Sor­jo­nen Foun­da­tion, and Mänt­tä Club Inc. is in char­ge of busi­ness af­fairs. A renovation in 2011 remade the assembly hall, as well as some of the smaller auxiliary rooms

Our faci­li­ties for accom­mo­da­tion and mee­tings also pro­vo­ke arc­hi­tec­tu­ral in­te­rest around the world. To suit mo­dern requi­re­ments, they are equip­ped with the la­test tech­no­lo­gy such as a fast WLAN network.

Mänttä Club
Tehtaankatu 33, Mänttä
Tel. 358 3 4745 900
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