Vilppula Church

Vilppulan kirkko

Vilp­pu­la Church was de­sig­ned by arc­hi­tect Georg Schreck and  was built in 1891–1900. The church en­ded up in the fi­ring line in the batt­les of 1918, and the hit­marks are still seen on the sup­port pil­lars of the bell tower. The al­tar­piece is a pain­ting by Pek­ka Ha­lo­nen cal­led “Kris­tus vuo­ri­tiel­lä” (Christ on the moun­tain path), an en­dow­ment by Thy­ra Jur­ve­lius.

Riihikankaantie 14, Vilppula

Source: Mänttä-Vilppulan seurakunta