What does the earth tell?

What does the word ‘Earth’ bring to mind? Lau­ri Toi­vio’s 15-mo­ve­ment pia­no cycle int­ro­duces a vast spect­rum of musical pers­pec­ti­ves to earth – from one of the four clas­sical ele­ments of Ancient Greece to mo­dern-day eco­lo­gical ques­tions.

L. Toi­vio (pre­miè­re)

Ar­tis­tic Di­rec­tor Niklas Pok­ki pre­sents the concert in the Ki­vi­jär­vi Hall at 16:30 – 16:45 (in Fin­nish).





Earth – 15 Preludes for Piano Op. 24 (2009–19)

1. Gravitation
2. Gaia’s Lamentation
3. A Potter Song
4. Limber Lithosphere
5. General Sherman’s Dream
6. Caught in a Landslide
7. All That Glitters…
8. Dry Quicksand Fly
9. The Sorrow of Granite
10. Density 22.6
11. Chrystal Dozen
12. Long Live the Black Dirt!
13. Captured by Amber
14. Metal Crust Heart
15. The Blue Marble