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Common Good for All concert series

Common Good for All concert series

The Common Good for All concerts, launched in 2015, are held in kindergartens, assisted living facilities, and activity centres in the Mänttä-Vilppula area.

The Mänttä Music Festival wants to be part of bringing the common good to all. The Common Good for All concert series (Yhteistä hyvää kaikille), launched in 2015, promotes equality by bringing music to those who might otherwise find it difficult to attend a concert.

In 2023, we organised seven concerts in kindergartens, assisted living facilities and activity centres of the Mänttä-Vilppula area. Julia Ilomäki, flutist and music educator (M.Mus.), and Sarah Devoyon, cellist and music educator (M.Mus.), were responsible for the artistic content of the concert series. They were joined by Silja Levander, a pianist and designer based in Stockholm. In 2023, the concert series was organised with the support of the Finnish Cultural Foundation's Pirkanmaa Fund.

We will publish more information about the 2024 Common Good for All concerts on this page during spring 2024.