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Arriving at Mänttä

Arriving at Mänttä

You can get to Mänttä by car, train or bus. During the summer season, the Serlachius bus runs daily between Mänttä-Vilppula and Tampere.

Mänt­tä and Vilp­pu­la are loca­ted in the beau­ti­ful Fin­nish lake and fo­rest landsca­pe, halfway between Tam­pe­re (rou­te 58) and Jy­väs­ky­lä (rou­te 58, 23), an hour´s dri­ve from both ci­ties.

The railway goes th­rough the re­gion: Tam­pe­re – Vilp­pu­la – Haa­pa­mä­ki. It is only 7 km from the Vilp­pu­la railway sta­tion to Mänt­tä. By bus you can reach Mänt­tä and Vilp­pu­la in ap­proxi­ma­te­ly one hour from Tam­pe­re and in an hour and a half from Jy­väs­ky­lä. The­re are some buses dai­ly between Mänt­tä and Vilp­pu­la.

It is also pos­sible to take the Ser­lac­hius bus if you are co­ming from Tam­pe­re. The bus runs between Mänt­tä-Vilp­pu­la and Tam­pe­re on the days the Ser­lac­hius museums are open.

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