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The main concert venue of the Mänttä Music Festival is the Gösta Kivijärvi Hall of the Serlachius Museum. Other concert venues are also located in the Mänttä-Vilppula area.

The Mänttä Music Festival takes place in the Serlachius Museum Gösta, located on the shores of Lake Melasjärvi in Mänttä, an area of cultural and historical value. The impressive museum building of Gösta has won architectural prizes in Finland and abroad.

”The door opens quietly, as if a whispering wind could move the oaken door. A sturdy knock on the floor, no-one to be seen – maybe it is just the invisible governess of the Club. But has some visitor – the Queen, the President or a Counselor of State – left their secret in the mansion?”

The Mänt­tä Church was de­sig­ned by arc­hi­tect W. G. Palm­qvist and it was inau­gu­ra­ted in 1928. The woo­den sculp­tu­res by Han­nes Au­te­re and the al­tar­piece by Alwar Cawén give a unique touch to the Mänt­tä Church. Con­struc­tion of the church was comple­ted in 1928, and was built at G.A. Ser­lac­hius’s own ex­pen­se.

Vilp­pu­la Church was de­sig­ned by arc­hi­tect Georg Schreck and was built in 1891–1900. The church en­ded up in the fi­ring line in the batt­les of 1918, and the hit­marks are still seen on the sup­port pil­lars of the bell tower. The al­tar­piece is a pain­ting by Pek­ka Ha­lo­nen cal­led “Kris­tus vuo­ri­tiel­lä” (Christ on the moun­tain path), an en­dow­ment by Thy­ra Jur­ve­lius.