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Mänttä church

Mänttä church

The Mänt­tä Church was de­sig­ned by arc­hi­tect W. G. Palm­qvist and it was inau­gu­ra­ted in 1928. The woo­den sculp­tu­res by Han­nes Au­te­re and the al­tar­piece by Alwar Cawén give a unique touch to the Mänt­tä Church. Con­struc­tion of the church was comple­ted in 1928, and was built at G.A. Ser­lac­hius’s own ex­pen­se.

On the left by the main door the­re is a marble board that pre­sents a brief his­to­ry of Mänt­tä, the na­mes of the buil­der, arc­hi­tect and ar­tists of the church. On the right side you can see anot­her marble board lis­ting the na­mes of the 27 con­struc­tion fo­re­men. Mänt­tä Church has a cruci­form plan. Church’s bell tower ri­ses up to 37 me­ters and the sea­ting ca­paci­ty is about 450.

In May 2003, a 30-stop or­gan, con­struc­ted by J. L. van den Heu­vel Or­gel­bouw, was int­ro­duced.

 Länsitorikatu 2, Mänttä